Storage of customs goods

Declarant Online provides warehousing, receiving, shipping and handling of various kinds of goods

We will take good care of your goods “inside and out”: we will deliver to and from the warehouse, process the documentation for receiving and sending, provide storage in an adequate environment, inspect, mark, sort, pack and weigh the goods, and if necessary consolidate the goods and arrange customs procedures. We can also arrange insurance for your goods, which eliminates the risk of loss.

We accept secure storage of excise goods, intended for stay within the territory of Latvia or for further transit or export outside the European Union.

We help arrange a tax extension during customs clearance or full exemption from them for a set of goods, intended for export outside the EU.

Storage of goods is possible in an open territory and in unheated or heated warehouses. The territory is guarded 24 hours a day, with video surveillance and a system that accounts and controls transport and visitors.

This service can be booked by sending documents by e-mail to

Working hours: 24/7

Consultations by telephone 24 hours a day +371 2727-3838


AMI Logistics Custom Service, LLC 
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60 Krasta St., Riga, LV-1003, Latvia

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