Transport and forwarding

Declarant Online offers a full range of services for transport and forwarding of goods

We will make sure that a delivery by land, water or air anywhere in the world goes smoothly and on time. Freight forwarding services consist of many small and large, simple and very complex procedures, but can be summarized as follows. The goods are prepared for shipment and loaded into a vehicle, and if necessary is handed over from one means of transport to another, stored in a secure place, unloaded from the vehicle and hand delivered to the recipient. We organize all the above—mentioned procedures. Simultaneously, we take care of processing the appropriate documents, including those relating to the transfer of the title of goods, manage risk of loss or damage to the goods, make the necessary payments, monitor compliance with the regulation rules for this type of good and fulfill other relevant tasks.

For work, we use all the available modern technologies in the transport industry, including GPS tracking for the movement of goods, an electronic document management system, DeclarantBox terminals of the new generation, as well as the DeclarantApp mobile app for transmitting documents.

The combination of our extensive experience and skillful use of modern technologies, enables us to guarantee high—quality transport of your goods, an on time delivery, and full compliance with high standards of international transport.

This service can be booked by sending documents by e-mail to

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